Learn How Digital KVM Benefits the Broadcasting Industry

The advent of digital video and digital KVM has been a boon to the broadcasting and post-production industries. Video has never looked better, and distributing and extending it has never been faster.

Black Box broadcast specialist Bill Frazier and KVM sales engineer Chris Hsu have teamed up for this informative webinar. Attendees will learn the six top reasons to migrate from analog to digital KVM:

• The VGA standard is being discontinued. What video interfaces are going to fill the void?

• Digital KVM and USB technologies are more compatible than ever before.

• Video quality is outstanding. Users get crystal-clear images at any supported distance.

• Higher and higher resolutions are supported, from 1080p to 4K. Learn how to bring high-definition video to your customers' screens.

• Matrix switching configurations expand real-time access to multiple users.

• With VGA components no longer supported, they are becoming harder to find. However, digital HD video and KVM extenders, switchers, and displays are being produced for the new video standards.

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