IoT is Driving New Ways of Optimizing Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Enabling Real-Time Visibility and Condition Monitoring of Assets and Shipments During Transit with IoT

IoT is revolutionizing the logistics chain. Driving the adoption of IoT are several challenges faced by logistics managers: tracking multimodal (land, rail, sea, air) shipments; meeting the demand for end-to-end visibility, from loading to unloading; eliminating “black holes” in live container movement data; protecting and securing cargo during transit while also monitoring real-time temperature, humidity, and location; performing inter-modal monitoring at terminals and depots; and implementing temporary trip-based monitoring.

How can IoT help your business meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s logistics demands?

Check out this white paper to learn about:

  • The history of the IoT (r)evolution
  • IoT impact on logistics
  • How freight tracking was done before and today’s market drivers for adopting IoT
  • Multimodal end-to-end visibility: sea, rail, road
  • Benefits of using IoT technology that are revolutionizing the transportation and logistics industry