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Webinar: Optimizing Mission-critical
Control Rooms in the Utilities Sector

Utility companies need to create more energy as quickly as possible while facing an increasing risk of cyberattacks and sabotage. To mitigate these risks, many utility companies are rethinking their control room setup, connecting locally with central control rooms, upgrading existing control rooms, incorporating more information (more plants, access control, and adding video feeds to monitor their facilities' security). In this webinar, expert speakers will describe solutions for the many challenges today's utility companies face in the control room. Explained in detail, and illustrated by real-world use cases and interactive application diagrams, you will learn how to leverage:

  • Cybersecurity: IP product solutions for isolating, or separating, secure networks

  • Failsafe operation through redundant links and power circuits, error-free failover

  • Solutions for consolidating multiple control rooms' operations and visualizing processes

  • Increased situational awareness when monitoring a vast amount of information

  • Accessing a variety of distributed and critical servers

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